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The Museum of North Texas History

And Wichita County Archives

Wichita Falls, Texas



Mission Statement

"To Collect, Preserve, exhibit and interpret the history of the North Texas area Wichita County. To inspire an interest in the past for the education and enrichment of people of all ages."


Vision Statement

"To provide a fun and entertaining experience in history for children and adults."


Getting a Start

In 2000, a group of dedicated people with a love for the history of this area met to discuss the possibility of forming a non-profit organization, whose goal would be to get a HISTORICAL MUSEUM in order to preserve and protect our precious heritage.

Since that time we have chosen a Board of Directors, received Non-Profit status, acquired a special mailing permit, obtained a building, held an open house during the City Lights Festival, had successful membership drives, and are moving forward to the next phase, that of adapting a building for use as a museum.

A building, now known an the Lindemann Building at 720 Indiana Ave., was donated to Wichita County by Rusty Lindemann. County Commissioners offered to lease one floor to be used as a history museum.

The Commissioners also purchased the adjacent parking garage.

The designated floor for the History Museum is huge, 18,600 square feet, as visitors saw for themselves during the first open house.

Lindemannís gift is a generous, wonderful and magnanimous commitment toward preserving the past of this area so that our children and grandchildren will understand who we were and what we did as we passed this way.

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